A memory so far away yet so close to my heart.

    Was it a memory from my childhood or stories passing down from the elders?

    The colours of this memory could be fading,

    yet it still plays in my mind vividly.”


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【About Huwei Hotel】

Huwei in the 1980s is like a bustling Taipei. At that time, the puppetry was popular in Taiwan and enriched Carlton’s childhood. Mr. Huang Junxiong’s former residence retains the architectural contour of the 1980s and the flourishing style of the 1990s. Carlton witnessed the completion of the building, yet he couldn’t stand seeing its dying recession, determined to rebirth it by the whole new "Huwei Hotel".


【Business Philosophy】

Through innovating and integrating both the traditional Taiwanese puppet culture and Yunlin local resources, Huwei Hotel aim to transform the public's stereotypes about the traditional puppetry culture and the remote rural areas of Yunlin into a new image.

Beside creating a space for travellers to recall memories from the golden days, it is more important for us to be able to bring the younger generation to a better understand of the beautiful traditional culture of Taiwan.




We expect ourselves to contribute to our own country and support Taiwanese characteristics to be carried forward. Huwei hotel persists in using Taiwanese local brand products as our room amenities in order to let travellers experience more about the feature of Yunlin.

【Gukeng Good Coffee】

Cooperating with the local farmers from Gukeng, we were involved with the process from growing coffee beans, grinding them and making them into drip coffee. 100% Gukeng coffee beans without any spices and preservatives is our promise to travellers.


【Huwei Good Tea】

With the old tea farmer who has cooperated with the founder of Huwei Hotel for nearly 20 years, we strictly selected quality Taiwanese tea so that travellers who stay with Huwei Hotel gets to experience our top qualified Taiwanese tea culture.


【Cha Tzu Tang】

The founder of Cha Tzu Tang cherishes Taiwanese culture and works with local tea seed farmers. Committing to the sustainable development of the land as he hopes that Taiwanese culture could continue to be seen by the world. Cha Tzu Tang’s toiletries travel kit is provided in the hotel for traveller’s better experience and moreover, to make the goodness of Taiwan to be seen by more people.

【Hot News】

【Traffic Guide】

Huwei Hotel does not provide car park. Travellers can park for free in the white line outside the hotel or park their car in the public parking lot of Huwei roundabout.

Address:No.69, Xinyi Rd., Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan (R.O.C.)    Satellite Positioning:23°71'13.1"N 120°43'75.7"E


【Contact Us】

No.69, Xinyi Rd., Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

T +886 56 360 618

T +886 56 360 618